Company history

Our company was registered as Coco House Ltd. in Nagykanizsa in March 2001. The company seat was set up in Keszthely, where we started work on a single product with 6 employees in a 200m2 tenancy.

We acquired the ownership of the tenancy in 2010 and continuously enlarged the 550m2 territory to 1980 m2. We have a valid building permit to construct a two-storey 1,500m2 large workshop being assembled with the present works.

In the spirit of renewal the name of our company changed to Lissé Sweet Factory Ltd in April 2014.

Our range of products has increased to twenty-four commodities for today. The most dominant part of it is CocoMax product line consisting of seven varieties of products, which was awarded by Hungarian Quality Product Award in 2014.

Our most popular seasonal product is Lissé Christmas fondant candies which product line consists of eight kinds of products also having Hungarian Quality Product Award. Its popularity is due to quality basic ingredients.

Our premium category sweets and seasonal products can be found on the shelves of almost all multinational trading companies (Lidl, Tesco, Metro), they are offered by Hungarian chains (Coop, Reál), retail and wholesale traders, petrol stations (Mol, Shell). We appeared in 11 European countries with the help of our Austrian business partner. We are the most proud of the fact that our products got as far as the USA.

Lissé dessert product line came onto inland and international market in 2015: with individual and traditional flavours, quality basic ingredients with exterior corresponding to recent trends.

The fundamental condition of the contracts with the chains was the commitment towards quality. Therefore we made sincere efforts, as a result of which we amplified HACCP system with ISO-9001 in 2010, and we acquired IFS Food certification in 2012.A significant change occurring in the proprietorship structure of the firm in 2012 meant a newer positive actuality for the company.We updated our IT system and established SAP to manage business operations. We are able to make out and take e-bills, moreover, we are registered employers for rehabilitates.

The number of permanent staff continually increased due to greater production. The present workforce is 60 employees, which goes up to 90 heads in high season. Quality improvement is inevitable. Our aim is to produce products with the help of our professional experiences and enthusiastic product management group that can meet the constantly growing requirements of our consumers. We consider quality, stable supplier circle, continuous technical and product development to be of high importance, in order to achieve this we co-operate closely with the Faculty of Engineering of University of Szeged (Institute of Food Industrial Engineering).

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