Quality Policy

The most important goal of all managers and employees of LISSÉ SWEET FACTORY LTD is to make sure that the quality our products meet the specific and expected requirements of our clientele, moreover to fulfil the legal and other regulative specifications. In order to reach our aim we deemed it absolutely necessary to introduce and apply quality management of MSZ EN ISO 9001:2009 and food safety systems of HACCP and IFS.

Our specified goals are as follows:

  • to save and improve the market position of the Company within the scope of ethical business conduct. Special attention needs to be paid to maintain the fair business relationships
  • to realise and fulfil of the requirements of our clientele,
  • to monitor and analyse of the satisfaction and the remarks of the customers;
  • to produce food which are safe and of consistent level quality with full implementation of applicable legal, food safety, or other requirements: hence we follow the changes of these regulations, we apply them in our documents, and we enable our employees to gain the knowledge necessary for the work;
  • to expand our system to buying and storing the ingredients, to every step of manufacturing process, to warehousing and distributing, furthermore, to monitoring the products at an intermediate stage and after finishing;
  • to carry out the manufacturing process in appropriate hygiene circumstances with paying special attention to personal and workshop hygiene and to protection of the environment;
  • to develop our products, technological and other processes continually with the help of data analysing supplied by our systems, and with following recent professional literature;
  • to create and maintain long-distance employment opportunities and a constant professional development for our workforce.

The task and responsibility of the management of all levels is to operate and develop continually the applied systems and processes covering them, to perform regular inside and outside verifications, to analyse the results and supply the needed resources. Every member of the staff - realizing that the future of the Company is closely associated with their own future - assumes an obligation for execution of the goals of Quality Policy with their activity, therefore they act consciously to acquire and apply the relevant knowledge.

Keszthely, 14 February, 2020

Csaba Csuvár
Managing Director

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